• One-on-One focused approach without the distractions of an over-crowded gym nor the commercialized environment of a health club.    
  • Self-Paced to fit diverse levels from Beginner to Advanced.                                            
  • Tone your body into a Lean, Mean Fat-Burning Machine!              
  • Be a Champ! Break out of your comfort zone and boring plateau...Reach your peak in overall fitness and join our BAM Combat Club.
  • Rock your body with BAM's Intensive Cardio-Burn workout, with the KNOCKOUT POWER of Boxing, along with the shocking effects of plyometrics, by integrating KickBoxing and other Martial Art Techniques.

Boxing / KickBoxing 101: Introduction to Boxing, and/or KickBoxing

  1. Learn proper Stances; how to Switch-Off, and Cut-Off the Ring
  2. Learn how to properly execute a Jab, a Cross, a Hook, and an Uppercut
  3. Learn the proper body mechanics; how to Bob & Weave
  4. Learn how to work-out effectively on the Heavy Bag; the Double-End Bag; the Speed-Bag; the Mhuy-Tai Bag
  5. Learn how to execute the Knee-Strike; the Push-Kick; the Side-Kick; the Round-House (If you choose KickBoxing)

Sparring 101: Proper, Safe, and Effective Techniques 

  1. Acquiring and use of proper gear
  2. Watching Instructional DVD on Safe Sparring
  3. Learning and Executing Drills

Fundamental Teachings to Kung-Fu and Tai-Chi

  1. Learn Balance and 8 Proper Stances
  2. Learn 8 Basic Kicks; 8 Basic Punches
  3. Learn 5 Basic Exercises; Leading to First Form
  4. Learn Basic Tai-Chi

Self-Defense Tactical Training

  1. Learn Survival Skills
  2. Arm-to-Arm Combat
  3. Breaking Holds; Disarming and Locking Up Assailants