I am a former Navy / Combat Sports Trainer and Director of BAM;

Founder of Master of The WAY Federation.


Offering Introductory Instruction to: 

Boxing, Kickboxing, Kung~Fu, and Tai~Chi.


In 1981, I trained with the Navy Boxing Team. I learned the fundamentals of Boxing, as well as delved into Chinese Boxing, and Muay Thai Kickboxing.


In 1990, I became a student of sixth generation Grandmaster Chan from China, who taught me The Tam Tui-Northern Praying Mantis Style of Wah Lum Kung Fu.


I was later trained in the art of Goju Ryu and attained my Brown Belt in IsshinRyu Okinawan Karate. I have been utilizing the martial arts in training people to reach their individual fitness goals since 1998. 



I’ve conducted Cardio Kickboxing and Boot Camp Classes, One-on-One Martial Fitness Sessions, as well as Self-Defense Tactical Training Courses throughout Orlando.

Presently offering Personal Training sessions Northwest of the Metro-Atlanta area.

Launched the BAM Program out from Hard Knox Gym in Kennesaw, GA.


Currently assisting Head Coach Deshone Williams @ Speedy Ray's Boxing Club in Dallas, GA.




" I have trained with Nelson for several years now.
He is outstanding with all skill levels, especially beginners.
He provides an excellent cardio workout and you spend a lot of time hitting the bags and developing your power.

If you have ever even considered the idea of a boxing/kickboxing workout,
I strongly suggest you contact him and give him a try! "

~ Tom Kelly / Staff Accountant @ Pathstone Family Office, Atlanta